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I love languages--so much so that I invented one for my series! With the help of Joseph W. Windsor, my constructed language (conlang) for the Ring of Worlds is real and naturalistic. I really enjoyed the creation process, but it only came together thanks to Joey, so I'm indebted to his incredible linguistic knowledge and endlessly patient assistance.

The Dictionary

Ôrëńos is a real language, invented but viable. Using Fieldworks Language Explorer, I've created a basic dictionary for the thousands of words I've developed so far. The most recent version will always be available here for download. I'd like to upload the newest copy of the PDF once a month., but we'll see how that works between writing the books and marketing and all the other pieces that come with authorship.

The most recent update is from 04/01/2024.

Ôrëńos-English Dictionary


The User's Guide

Joey wrote a user's guide to explain the fundamentals of the Ôrëńos language: pronunciation, grammar, syntax, the whole kit and kaboodle. I created the lexicon and phonology, and I continue to work on expanding it.

Who knows? Someday I might get fan mail written in Ôrëńos! ;)

Ôrëńos User's Guide

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