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The Ring of Worlds Series

The Ring of Worlds is the ultimate destination for science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts. Our website is home to the captivating and diverse world of these novels, where magic and technology collide in epic tales of good and evil.


With diverse characters, complex relationships, and diverse themes, our stories explore the blurred lines between good and evil and the power of love and self-discovery. From necromancy to vampires, therianthropes to undead, and wizards to high technology, the Ring of Worlds has it all.


Join us on a journey through a world of mayhem, machines, and magic. Experience the thrill of high-stakes battles between powerful beings and the intimate moments that shape the lives of the characters.


With the first books set to be published this year, now is the perfect time to dive into the Ring of Worlds. Join us on a journey unlike any other, where the possibilities are endless, and the adventure is just beginning.

A Short Story

Fulfilling a Vow
A Ring of Worlds Short Story

Galen Ohahakehte carries a solemn vow etched into his soul: to vanquish the malevolent necromancer, Adrienne Vorpahl. His path to vengeance, however, takes an unexpected turn as he becomes the mentor to Alexander Eldred, a fourteen-year-old prodigy brimming with immense magical potential. Galen’s reasonably sure that training a teenage boy will be easier than defeating an undead monster.

Front Cover.jpg
Alexander Eldred

Book One

Coming Soon!

Alex, Imara, and Sirenī once wielded their incredible powers to save their world, Gaea. But those very abilities tore them apart, separated by a government's decree for nearly half a century. Now, a perilous threat looms not only over Gaea but countless planets within the Ring of Worlds. To stand a chance against this menace, they must defy their government's orders and reunite. Lives hang in the balance, and their reunion is the only hope.

Book Two

Coming 2024

I'll share the blurb for book two when the time comes. I've got three written, so it's just a matter of publishing them.

Imara Inanna
Sirenī Adamma

Book Three

Coming 2024

I'll eventually have the blurb for book three.

Book Four

Coming 2024

I'll eventually have the blurbs for books four onward.

Jack Carter
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