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Welcome to The Ring of Worlds
Epic Fantasy Series

The Ring of Worlds is the ultimate destination for science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts. Our website is home to the captivating and diverse world of these novels, where magic and technology collide in epic tales of good and evil.


With diverse characters, complex relationships, and realistic themes, our stories explore the blurred lines between good and evil and the power of love and self-discovery. From necromancy to vampires, therianthropes to undead, and wizards to high technology, the Ring of Worlds has it all.


Join us on a journey through worlds filled with mayhem, machines, and magic. Experience the thrill of high-stakes battles between powerful beings and the intimate moments that shape the lives of the characters. Join us on a journey unlike any other, where the possibilities are endless, and the adventure is just beginning.

Free Short Story

Fulfilling a Vow
A Ring of Worlds Prequel

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Adrienne Vorpahl murdered members of his family to prove a point. Galen Ohahakehte swore a solemn vow and bound it into his soul with magic when the dread archlīc showed the world that she believed no one could stop her.

Galen’s path to vengeance, however, takes an unexpected turn as he becomes the mentor to Alexander Eldred, a fourteen-year-old prodigy brimming with immense magical potential. The old sorcerer is reasonably sure that training a teenage boy will be easier than defeating an undead monster, but he knows there are no guarantees with magic…


Reunion of the Three
Book One Available Now

Foreseeing the annihilation of Gaea by the Tèng Empire and the demonic Sogma, Alexander Eldred and his allies, Imara Inanna and Sirenī Adamma, marshaled their magic to thwart the calamity. Their triumph brought them back to their homeland of Demurria, only to be sundered by a government edict citing their immense combined strength as a threat: Alex is a magical prodigy and never forgets a spell once he's seen it written or cast. Imara hears the universe as a symphony and can control reality with her voice. Sirenī is blessed with fatal beauty, a power so great it can compel into obsession any who behold her.

After fifty years of enforced separation, compelled by a fresh premonition, Alex challenges the mandate to reunify with Imara and Sirenī. This time, the peril extends beyond Gaea, endangering the entirety of the Ring of Worlds, threatened by a formidable necromancer's dark influence. To prevent the spread of this malignant corruption across myriad planets, the trio must reunite and elude the Unified Government's grasp, racing against time to safeguard the future.

The Sorcerer's Gambit

Book Two Coming April 25th, 2024

Alex, Imara, and Sirenī thwarted the Unified Government's relentless edicts and fled their homeworld of Gaea to seek refuge elsewhere in the Ring of Worlds. Hunted by the elite squadrons of Zeta Force and the Tèng Empire's Dragon Guard, the Three encountered a new problem as soon as they arrived on Earth: Jack Carter, the man tasked with killing them. Carter expected to kill the Three or die trying, but instead, he traveled along with them. The four strangers must settle into a new life on their adopted world with the people they first met: Jordan McInerney and Richard Bryson.


Maria McInerney, Jordan’s grandmother, helped Alex, Imara, and Sirenī decades before when they briefly stopped on Earth during their quest to defeat Sogma. Meeting Jordan is like coming full circle, and the travelers work to settle into their new life. While adjusting to Earth, the people of Gaea quickly realize that their grand reunion was merely the beginning of their journey. Not everything on Earth is as it seems, and the dark magic of the necromancer has yet to manifest.

The Sorcerer's Gambit, The Ring of Worlds Book Two

The Vergence of Time

Coming 2024

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